Odesa, Одеська область, Україна

42 роки, шукає чоловіка для серйозних стосунків


Про мене

I m not 20 or even 30, so I m here only for serious relationships. I am from Mariupol but because of the war I moved to Bolgaria, russian destroyed my city completelly but I very hope that soon I could come back there I m single now and have a son, he is 16, he is a student and he dream to be an officer to defend me and our country in the future I like to swim a lot, cycling and reading and cooking I adore psychology and travelling I cant imagine my morning without coffee I am a nutritionist, its my job and its my big hobby


Неодружена, одна дитина.

Зелені очі, темне волосся.

Зріст: 163 см, вага: 55 кг.

Освіта: вища, робота: сфера обслуговування.

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