Kiev, Київська область, Україна

37 років, шукає чоловіка для серйозних стосунків


Про мене

I m single now but dream about love, yes, I still believe in it I have some experice in my life,my ex-husband left us 7 years ago, he told that he need more freedom and dont need family,it was so painful for me I was born Zaporizya but liveed in Kiev but when began the war in my country, I moved to the west of my country to Mukachevo, its so nice and calm city I like sport a lot, I m a fitness trainer, I m doing it more then 10 years. Now I work online and also help ladies to lose wieght I also adore cooking especially our national dishes, I am really good at it I like nice movies, walk, nature and family picnics


Неодружена, одна дитина.

Блакитні очі, каштанове волосся.

Зріст: 157 см, вага: 46 кг.

Освіта: вища, робота: сфера обслуговування.

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