William Confidential

Orlando, США

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Про мене

I was born in Columbus, Georgia, USA. I was born a man and will always be a man. I had a Match.com date with a man, but I expected it to be the woman pictured in the photo I received. When my Match.com Date walked out, did I stay or did I go? Everyone guesses that I left. Not me. I stayed and took him/her to dinner. I gave her/him a butt-out hug so the only part of my body to touch was my hands on her/his shoulders. I could never hurt someone’s feelings in a case like that. My wonderful mother taught me to be a gentleman. I have had a genius IQ, thanks to my father. I had truly special parents who are now together in Heaven. There is a dock there; my father told me my mother was reaching her hand out to him when he went. I believe in God, angels, and ghosts. I have seen the ghosts, and I have had an angel speak to me. She saved my life in a traffic accident. I am a documentary film producer and director. I am an author. I am currently filming and working from my motorhome studio in Florida. It is a house on wheels with a complete studio. I have been owner, CEO, President, or Vice-President of over 100 monthly magazines. I have been a radio and television host. I produced and directed a documentary film that was presented to the United States Congress in 2013. I am a serial entrepreneur. I have started over 50 businesses in my career. I love to help people. I have no tattoos and no piercings. I married my college/university girlfriend, and she divorced me 10 years ago. I did some online dating, but I quit after the car wreck. I have only been on dating sites for a week or so. I decided to seek a Ukrainian woman because I want to save at least one from the war. If you express interest in me, please (1) explain your view on our age difference; (2) estimate how long it would take for you to decide if you want me to be your sponsor and start the VISA process; and (3) tell me why you will be a better lady for me.


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Освіта: вища, робота: ЗМІ.

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