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Utah, USA, США.

62 роки, шукає жінку для серйозних стосунків.

Був: 25 червня 2022 о 09:53.

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I am a pleasant person and a good communicator. I respect other people's beliefs, feelings and thoughts. I try to do what is right, even if it is inconvenient or unpopular. Most of all I enjoy family and home life. My interests include: Science/ Architecture/ Engineering, Swimming/ Water Sports; Playing the Piano; Healthy Eating/ Lifestyle; Watching Sports, but not often; Watching Biographical/ Historical Movies and Documentaries; Going to Jazz, Rock, and Classical music concerts; Visiting Museums, Hiking in Nature, Cooking or Dining at Good Restaurants, Traveling Occasionally. I am seeking a woman who communicates well, who is loyal and honest, who takes good care of her health, and who will enjoy my company.


Неодружений, одна дитина.

Зелені очі, світле волосся.

Зріст: 187 см, вага: 87 кг.

Освіта: бакалавр, робота: менеджмент.

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