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Kolding, Данія.

51 рік, шукає жінку для серйозних стосунків.

Був: 22 травня 2020 о 10:11.

Про мене

I am living in a house. And I like it very much. But it is just a house. It is not a home. A home is a place filled with love and caring for each other. The place I live is just four cold walls to come home to after work. And I would like to come home after work. So I am hoping to find the woman with whom I can make the place where we live (either here or in "somewhere-istan" into a real home and not just a house or an apartment. When I am not working I play and write music. So I do not have a photo on my profile. It is not like I am a rock star but I do appear on stages playing my music. And there are women who will fall in love with someone on a stage. I do not want that kind of "Falling in love". So I do not have a photo on my profile. (Obviously I will send you photos...) What I want is a woman who will love me for what I am, for better and for worse, but "Me as a person". One man, one woman, loving each other. I hope to find you here....


Неодружений, дітей немає.

Карі очі, світле волосся.

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Освіта: бакалавр, робота: комп'ютери.

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