[Фото учасниці: Annette, Elmira, США]


Elmira, США.

38 років, шукає чоловіка для серйозних стосунків.

Була: 5 жовтня 2018 о 10:27.


Про мене

I'm intelligent, smart, kind, tender and a great optimist. Life is always a bright tale for me and I try to enjoy every moment of it. I want to meet communicative, loving, honest, caring and intelligent woman with a good sense of humor. Age or distance doesn't make any difference for me, all we need to do is to have true love, better understanding, care and open communication which will help us to overcome any distance issue. All we can do in life is our best. Listen not hear, talk not yell, walk beside each other, not in front or behind. Be there when one needs the other. Speak lovingly, love often and always hold each others feelings dear. I don't believe in name calling and bashing. I consider the damage it causes and realize it's not part of a relationship. I never hang up on anyone either. I give. I'm probably too empathetic to the point it gets me into bad situations with the wrong people. I'm not a lonely desperate woman. I am a woman of integrity. I have never cheated and never will. I am loyal to my partner, committed and will remain faithful. I'm a very open person I will tell you what I think if I have a problem I will tell you about it I'm a very trusting honest caring and loving person as long as who I'm with treats me the same way I believe part of the definition of love is taking care of, giving energy to and nurturing. It is very important that you are a man of integrity. My heart is open, I am such a kind giving adorable, funny loving person. I've had my heart broken before but I have gotten over the shock and ready to try again. I hope you don't mind that I am an African American if all those matter to you then i ll have to continue searching I don't want to get involved with anyone based on nationality if you are not a racist then, we are good. I want my man to be happy, I want a relationship where we do for each other because we care and love.


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Освіта: бакалавр, робота: безробітний.

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